About Qualtx Technology, Inc.

Qualtx Technology has been in business since 1997 providing turn-key control system solutions for the Semiconductor industry.  In 2000 Qualtx was incorporated and became Qualtx Technology, Inc.

Qualtx Technology believes that an affordable retrofit prevents an expensive replacement of the process tool and so provides a complete replacement of all IO, signal wiring, and software.

The goal of a retrofit is to remove the proprietary control system and software and provide off-the-shelf IO and source code* with a new control system.

Qualtx was founded by the former PlasmaQuest Electrical Engineering Manager, Kevin Miller, who designed the electrical control systems, computer IO layout, and developed the system control software for most of the PlasmaQuest process tools.

While his work experience is with PlasmaQuest, his background is industrial control systems and as a company, Qualtx Technology retrofits more PlasmaTherm systems than any other 3rd party company does making them the primary solution for 3rd party non-proprietary retrofit solutions.

For more information about Qualtx Technology, please contact
Kevin Miller, Automation Engineer

List of Customers

  • AMD – Austin, Texas Campus (PlasmaTherm 790 RIE)
  • US Navy, Night Vision Labs (PlasmaQuest ECR System)
  • NASA’s JPL (PlasmaTherm ECR)
  • National Research Council – Canada (PlasmaTherm ECR System)
  • NIST-National Institute of Standards and Technology (PlasmaQuest Model 357 ECR)
  • MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PlasmaTherm Dual Chamber System)
  • Texas Instruments (Systems in the DLP Production line)
  • TechInsights – Canada (PlasmaTherm RIE)
  • Raytheon (PlasmaTherm, PlasmaQuest Model 357 ECR, A-24-D)
  • Micron Technology (PlasmaQuest MOCVD, Genmark Automation Robot)
  • Sarnoff Corporation (Dual Chabmer PlasmaTherm System)
  • University of Wisconsin (PlasmaTherm System)
  • Northeastern University (PlasmaQuest Model 357 ECR System, PlasmaTherm 790 RIE)
  • University of South Florida (PlasmaTherm System)
  • Vortex Controls (PlasmaTherm System)
  • Cornell University (PlasmaTherm System)
  • Semi-System Technology – (PlasmaTherm RIE System)
  • Lockheed Martin (PlasmaQuest Model 256 ECR System)
  • High Tech Services (System software development)
  • L3 Communications (PlasmaQuest Dual Chamber RIE/RFPECVD)
  • DRS Technologies (PlasmaTherm, PlasmaQuest Model 357 ECR, Veeco ION Mills, MOCVD, Custom Systems)
  • NeXX Systems (PlasmaQuest Model 357 ECR System)
  • Verity Instruments (Endpoint detection)
  • and many other systems