About Qualtx Technology

Custom Software

We build the right software solution to solve the needs of our customers.

Forward Thinking

We are constantly planning ahead for the needs of the industry.

Problem Solvers

We put our critical thinking and analytical skills to work to solve our customer’s complex problems.

Customer Support

We thrive on supporting the customer. We treat you as our partner along the journey.

Our Story


Since its establishment in 1997, Qualtx Technology has been at the forefront of delivering turn-key control system solutions tailored to the semiconductor industry. A significant milestone was reached in the year 2000, when Qualtx transitioned into its present form as Qualtx Technology, Inc.

At the core of Qualtx Technology’s philosophy lies the belief that a cost-effective retrofit prevents the need for costly process tool replacements. This commitment drives us to provide complete replacements encompassing IO, signal wiring, and software components.

The central objective of our retrofit approach is to eliminate proprietary control systems and software. We do this by introducing off-the-shelf IO and source code*, facilitated by a new control system.

Qualtx brings profound expertise in designing electrical control systems and computer IO layouts. Moreover, our expertise extends to the development of cutting-edge system control software tailored for plasma etch and deposition equipment.

Qualtx Technology leads the industry in the retrofitting of PlasmaTherm systems, surpassing all other third-party companies. This establishes Qualtx as the foremost choice for third-party, open retrofit solutions.


For more information about Qualtx Technology, please contact
Kevin Miller, Automation Engineer