Technical Support

At Qualtx Technology, we pride ourselves on providing the best support experience possible. Our support staff routinely helps to troubleshoot problems, provide advice on best practices, and gets you back on track to move forward with your project. We don’t like to impose arbitrary limits; that’s why we don’t hinder your use of our support through restrictive contracts.

Software Support

First 12-Months
Software bug fixes and minor software enhancements are provided to the customer free of charge for twelve months from the date the final project invoice from Qualtx. After that time, software modifications will be charged at Qualtx Technology’s hourly software rate.

Life of the Tool
Software bug fixes are provided to the customer free of charge for the life of the tool as long as the Qualtx software is not in end-of-life status.
All Generation 1 software is in end-of-life status.
Generation 2 software is still in active production and is covered for bug fixes. Generation 2 software went into production in September 2016.

If you have Generation 1 software and need a software modification, you can upgrade to Generation 2 software. The upgrade works with your existing IO hardware and includes a new computer. LEARN MORE