MOCVD Control System



The original system was built with relays, switches, and timers. The operator would run the system and use a stopwatch to time the process. This leads to human error and inefficient use of employee time.



Fully gut and remove all of the old controls and replace it with a new PLC and control software. Qualtx did this as an engineering design project where we worked with the customer’s engineering team to create the final process tool that they desired.



Qualtx installed a new open-standards IO control system and replaced all of the signal cables and DC power supplies. 
The new control software runs on the latest version of Windows 11. The new control software features multi-user login, manual mode, fully automated mode, data logging, unlimited recipe storage, and alarms.

The new IO and software were installed onsite in the customer cleanroom. Software modifications were provided for twelve months as we tweaked the system to improve its speed and efficiency.