PlasmaQuest ECR Retrofit



PlasmaQuest has been out of business for over 25 years leaving customers with unsupported process tools. The old computer controls began to fail, and the system became unusable.



Replace the outdated proprietary IO controls and software with modern open-standard hardware and software.
This system has unique requirements because it has an electrostatic backside helium-cooled chuck, a motorized loading system, and electromagnets.



Qualtx installed a new open-standards IO control system and replaced all of the signal cables and DC power supplies. 
The new control software runs on the latest version of Windows 11. The new control software features multi-user login, manual mode, fully automated mode, data logging, unlimited recipe storage, and alarms.

The new IO and software were installed onsite in the customer cleanroom within 8-days. The customer was very happy because Qualtx was able to give new life to the system.