Vacuum Outgassing Bake Out Oven


An original equipment manufacturer built an oven for outgassing services and clean-up of connectors, harnesses, feedthrough, assemblies, and components. The system needed to be automated. The process can run for days and all of the process data must be logged to a .csv file to keep track of the pressure and temperature over time.



Qualtx built all of the IO controls and created custom control software based on the OEM’s needs. It includes a custom recipe editor that allows the end-user to build an unlimited number of processes.



Qualtx installed a new open-standards IO control system and provided all of the signal cables and DC power supplies. 
The control software runs on the latest version of Windows 11. The new control software features multi-user login, manual mode, fully automated mode, data logging, unlimited recipe storage, and alarms.

The new IO and software were installed onsite at the OEM’s factory.